John R Iampieri

  • About the Artist:

    John is a TAI 1 & 2 Certified teaching artist and member with Arts for Education for 13 years traveling throughout Maryland and beyond. His "BIG" idea is grounded in sharing the 110 year old folk art of Screen Painting which was embraced in Baltimore in 1913. With a rich history, connections of Maryland, and the "MAGIC" behind this artform, it's an extraordinary magnet of enthusiasm for students of all ages. Connecting to any common core curriculum enables John to forge the exciting challenges in a classroom setting. John has available two approaches for school and students offering a "Legacy" or "Individual" screens. Completing the steps of screen painting offers the elements of hands-on design while embracing the spirit of individuality working as a team. And they have FUN!
    John is truly grateful and humbled to be associated with so many incredible Educators.


    • Visual

    Type of Programs Offered

    • residency
    • workshop
    • virtual
    • The Art of Screen Painting


      Post Covid
      Weeklong residency incorporating four-five day lesson plans based on curriculum theme.

      Setting the stage for artful thinking. Residency classroom is transformed into visual "Gallery" of painted screens. By using the artful thinking palette, students observe and describe what they see. (usually for the first time) Connectivity created by finding similar qualities based on different ways of thinking.
      Students will demonstrate the ability to understand and organize knowledge and ideas for expression relating to the class curriculum using screen painting as it's medium of choice.

      Choice: 1 - Legacy screens - individual stretched 2"x2" , 3 foot high by six foot wide wood framed screens with legs, (number of screens, based on # of students). Painted by the students. A Blast!
      All screen material is made of tear resistant "Super Vinyl Screen"

      Choice; 2 - Individual 14' x 19" wood framed screens for each student to create and keep when school is ready to relinquish them.

      Grade levels 3 - 12 --- Special needs, wheelchair bound, all welcome.
      Number of Students; Based on classes available to participate. EX - 3rd grade, 4 classes, 25 each class, 100 students total.

      Artist provides all materials for said residency along with set-up and breakdown.
      Pricing: Based on # of students and choice - 1 or 2
      Teacher prep; Collaborative planning accumulated prior to any residency with Artist via virtual and in person visit by Artist. YAY!
      Curriculum; All class studies "STEAM" open.

      Appropriate Grade Levels:
      Grade levels 3 - 12 --- Special needs, wheelchair

      Curriculum Connections

      All class studies "STEAM" open.

      This program is offered as:

      • residency
      • workshop
      • virtual
    • Booking Details

      Program Costs:

      Based on # of students and choice - 1 or 2

      Required Materials:

      Artist provides all materials for said residency along with set-up and breakdown.

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    John R Iampieri
    [email protected]
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