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    Children’s author Jennifer Keats Curtis has penned 25 realistic fiction and nonfiction stories about animals, including Children’s Choice Book Award Winner Kali’s Story: An Orphaned Polar Bear Rescue and International Literary Association Children’s Choice Reading List Award winner Moonlight Crab Count. Several of her books have been chosen as NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Books of the Year, including the nonfiction Maggie: Alaska’s Last Elephant and two realistic fictions co-authored with scientists: After A While Crocodile: Alexa’s Diary and Moonlight Crab Count. Her latest realistic fiction, Creek Critters, created with input from scientists at The Stroud Research Center, was a finalist for the AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books. Her latest, the nonfiction Pooper Snooper, about an unusual way dogs are helping scientists learn about endangered animals, earned a Kirkus star.

    Jennifer’s passion for wildlife and her inability to stop asking “why” compels her to follow scientists and experts around, begging for information and details and occasionally putting her in direct contact with crocodiles, raccoons, pelicans and other critters.

    When she’s not pestering scientists, Jennifer can be found in classrooms, encouraging research, writing, reading and a desire to help wild animals in the right ways. A huge fan of all things the Great State has to offer, Jennifer is a lifelong Marylander. She and her family love the fact that they live where other peopl


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    • JKC's Author Residencies (Workshops and Assemblies): Helping Animals One Book At A Time


      As a longtime children’s author, JKC heavily researches topics and work with experts, including biologists, zoologists, rehabilitators, and veterinarians, to gather information and ensure its accuracy. During presentations, author residencies, and workshops, she uses powerful PowerPoint images and exciting details to help bring evidence-based text to life, stimulating students’ interest in writing from print and non-print sources. Her goal for the presentations is to get children excited about learning and writing about science, even if they don’t think they “like” science. She loves using the wild animals of her books to encourage kids to care for, learn about, research, write, and read. During programs, she talks with the students about published books, as well as books she’s working on, because they think it’s cool, of course, but also so that they get a good sense of the lengthy writing and editing process. (

      Appropriate Grade Levels:
      Pre-k - 5th grade

      Curriculum Connections

      All programs meet numerous standards for speaking and listening, writing, and reading, as well as well as Next Generation Science Standards. She is always happy to individualize programs for schools to ensure the best fit for students and faculty; but "standard" programs include: multi-day residencies and workshops as well ass back-to-back assemblies (usually presented to K-2 and 3-5); three sessions for pre-K, K-1, 2-3, and 4-5; or all-day visits (up to five presentations).

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      • residency
      • workshop
      • auditorium
      • virtual
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      Information on pricing available upon request.

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      No travel fees within county.

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    Jennifer Keats Curtis
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