In a competitive, twenty-first-century global environment, the arts: 

  • Enhance the quality of life for all Marylanders. 
  • Celebrate the rich diversity of our cultural achievements.
  • Support quality education for our school children by raising academic achievement, fostering positive work ethics, and improving attendance. 
  • Build communities that will attract and retain an educated, creative workforce. 
  • Raise the regional, national, and international visibility of Maryland. 
  • Attract cultural tourists to the State. 
  • Drive much-needed economic development. 
  • Provide job growth, foster consumer spending, and generate tax revenues.

State funding for the arts is effectively leveraged by revenue from other sources, including county, city, and foundation grants, revenue from fundraising events, and individual and corporate donations. Every dollar invested by the State of Maryland into the arts economy of Anne Arundel County generates more than $9 in revenue for our local community.


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