Wall Mural: Woman on a rooster

Public art is not one true art “form”.

It is murals, sculptures, memorials, performances, architectural work, and more. It is small or large–it can tower above your head or sit beneath your toes, carved or built, assembled or painted. But still, one thing remains: it is and forever will be public. It resides in the physical public space; outside and accessible to everyone. It represents the community in which it dwells. A thriving public art scene lives in Anne Arundel County. An art scene that most describe as “An Art Gallery Without Walls.” Driven by its community partners, organizations, and amazing artists, the streets of our district have transformed into a breathtaking open-air art gallery. With work showcasing our deep history, maritime culture, and country residence, this avenue of art splashes wonder and diversity for visitors to reflect on, feel, and share.

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Mural in Annapolis Design District
Urban Walls Brazil

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