What’s Up? Media – “Unity” Art Exhibit Voting

The Votes are in and the Winner for What’s Up? Media’s 12th Art Exhibit named “Unity” is Artist Rick Brady who won First place for his piece named Blue Angels (left photo below) and who also won Second place for his art piece named America (right photo below).



Rick Brady – “Untitled”, “Red 2”, “Rescue Me”, “America”, “Blue Angels”

Mike Clemens – “The Gathering”

Kay Fuller – “Kindred Spirits I”, “Kindred Spirits II”, “Kindred Spirits III”

Merrilyne Hendrickson – “Together As One”, “Emerging”, “Shadow Dance”

Lucretia Krick – “Better Together”

Richard Niewerth – “Intersection”, “Capital Sunset, Annapolis”

Angie O’Neal – “The Gathering” (featured image above), “Unity Backstage”, “Juneteenth”, “Reflection”

Betty Pethel – “Hong Kong Protest”, “Grandmother’s Love”, “Walking”, “An Outing”

Laurie Putscher – “(dis)UNITY: Alienate the Allies, March in Factional Lockstep, Backbite, Segregate the Other”



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