April 14, 2022 - August 15, 2022

What’s Up? Media Exhibit 15: “Into the Garden”


Gardens are filled with numerous textures and colors. From the flowers to the vegetables, all the way to the critters that have made a home on a leaf or in the soil. There is so much inspiration to find, explore, and create. This new exhibit gives artists an opportunity to bring a garden or elements of a garden to life through their art.

What’s Up? Media’s new exhibit displays the beautiful two-dimensional work of local Anne Arundel County artists. Exhibits rotate every four months, each with a new theme. This exhibit is located at 201 Defense Highway in Annapolis. Hours are Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM and will be on display April 14, 2022 – August 15, 2022

Maria Buszinski, Momma Rain – “Wild Child”

Scott Clarke – “gourdgeous”

Amanda DiGiondomenico – “Wild Mountain”,  “Garden Abstraction”,  “Lush Life”,  “North Carolina Yard”,  “Lily Pad”,  “Night Garden”

Anita Ewing – “White Iris”

Howard Friedman – “Lady Bug and Sunflower” (featured image above),  “Opening Soon”

Sheila Guevin, “When Winter Comes”, “Summer Colors”, “Brookside”

Hailey Hagan – “Ghost of Humanity”

Janice Hendra – “Sunday In The Park”,  “Secret Garden”, “The Merry Month Of Mom”, “Empty Chairs”

Merrilyne Hendrickson – “White Iris”, “Magnolia Bloom”, “China Rose”

Michaela Johnson – “Zahara”

Lucretia Krick – “Yellow Flowers”, “Pansie”, “Flowers”

Kimmary MacLean – “Lily Lily Through the Water You Grow”, “Star Magnolia Blowing in the Wind”,  “Like Wasps to A Pear”,  “An Expressive Susan”, “Butterfly on a Black Eyed Susan”,  “Shelf Fungi”

Bob Peterson – “American Lotus”,  “Water Lilly”,  “Malay Cruiser”,  “Exhibition Hall”,  “Longwood Gardens”,  “Water Lilly 2”

Laurie Putscher – “Strawberry Picking”, “Georgia Revisited”

Rick Schimpf – “Spring Is Coming”,  “Maryland, America In Miniature Garden”

Jen Sheckels – “Observed: Fork-tailed Bush Katydid”, “Observed: Orchard Orbweaver”, “Beneficial Bugs: Praying Mantis”, “Observe: Accidental Planters”

Carol Vogel – “Spring Tulips”, “Daffodils in Spring”, “Summer Peaches”

To view the online gallery of artwork, click here!

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