The Arts in Education program has been bridging Arts and Education for over a decade and continues to evolve and increase its impact in the schools.

The Arts in Education Program is the Arts Council’s initiative to support the integration of Arts into the education curricula throughout Anne Arundel County.  Included in the Arts in Education Program are:

  • The Teachers Institute
  • The Arts in Education Showcase
  • The AiE Auditorium & Residency Grants

The Teachers Institute consists of two, half-day workshops with a featured guest speaker emphasizing the benefits of arts integrated teaching methods. The workshops are fun and include hands on activities and engaged learning.

The Arts in Education Showcases are short performances by Artists with educational programs, usually performed for an audience of students, PTA/PTO members, faculty and staff.

Auditorium & Residency Grants assists schools and PTO/PTA groups in presenting quality performances and residencies for students in dance, history, music, theatre and arts related or integrated projects. These two grants are open to all registered schools, private and public, in Anne Arundel County. AiE Residency and Auditorium Grants are available from the Arts Council to assist with programming expenses.

Arts in Education Grants

The Arts in Education Program invites registered public and private schools in Anne Arundel County to apply for one (1) Residency and one (1) Auditorium Grant per school year. These grants are used to fund artistically driven educational programs. The ACAAC will only support funding for performers listed in the ACAAC Arts in Education Directory or those on the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) Arts in Education registry. All applications are reviewed by the Arts in Education Committee and funding for as many programs as possible is approved based on the annual budget. It is the responsibility of the applicant to book the artists and secure any additional funding that is needed. All applications must be completed in full with the requested supplemental materials to be considered. ACAAC grants received under the Arts in Education Program should be in the school’s newsletter, giving credit to the ACAAC, the MSAC, City of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. Please read the individual guidelines for each Grant.

Arts in Education
Residency Grant

The Arts in Education Residency Grant funds ongoing workshops and projects where registered artists partner with schools to produce a performance, presentation, project or program involving the joint participation of teachers, students and artists lasting a minimum of five (5) days. Each school may apply for one Residency Grant per school year.

FY 2019 ONLINE Applications will be available from September 20, 2018 through October 18, 2018

Residency Grant Guidelines
Apply for Residency Grant

Arts in Education
Auditorium Grant

The Arts in Education Auditorium Grant funds an auditorium style assembly facilitated by registered Arts Council or MSAC artists. Each school may apply for one Auditorium Grant per school year.

FY 2019 ONLINE Applications will be available from September 20, 2018 through October 18, 2018

Auditorium Grant Guidelines
Apply for Auditorium Grant

Apply for

Use the GO SMART platform to apply for our grants


Arts in Education Directory

The annual AiE Directory lists the names, contact and program information of Artists, who would like to be considered for AiE Grants. The AiE Directory is distributed to all schools and Libraries throughout Anne Arundel County listing the variety of artists from visual, performing, history and other arts related or integrated disciplines. The Arts-in-Education Directory is designed to put the world of the arts at the fingertips of program directors as they apply for their Artsin-Education Grants.

Educators/ PTA/PTO: Register for one of our showcases to pick up your directory.  A physical copy of the Arts in Education Directory will be available only if a representative from your school registers and attends one of our showcases.  An electronic version will be available for online viewing.  Please join our e-mail list to be included in AiE updates.

Artists: Directory submissions for the 2019-2020 school year are now OPEN! Deadline for submissions is Thursday, July 25, 2019. 

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