Featured AAC Artist Series: Merrilyne Hendrickson

The Arts Council Virtual Art Gallery Series Featuring AAC Artist: Merrilyne Hendrickson

“I paint with primarily watercolors, which started on vacation travels replacing my camera. I found these quick sketchy works took me back instantly to the way it felt and looked. My work is almost abstract or at least very impressionistic. They are paintings of the essence of what was there not a picture. Even my pet portraits are like that. The softness of their fur, the life in their eyes……. The beauty of nature surrounds me and inspires me. The changing colors in the sky and reflections in the water are especially magical at sunrise and sundown. I try to capture the luminosity in my watercolor paintings. The SLICES are slivers or a narrow sampling of the whole range or subject. In these, an actual object is unimportant to the feeling of a moment in time and light. I live and paint in Annapolis so architectural landmarks are often subjects. I enjoy the discipline of rendering but hope to impart something more than a picture.”

Merrilyne Hendrickson Fine Art

Please contact Merrilyne for any purchase inquiries:
[email protected]

Scroll down to see a few selected pieces of Merrilyne’s work along with the details for each piece. 

(From Left to Right)


Sunset Over Wellesley Island (featured in the Arts Council’s What’s Up? Media exhibit “Artist’s Favorites”)
31″x27″ Framed

Sunrise Under the Drawbridge
13”x27″ Framed

Eclipse (featured in the Arts Council’s What’s Up? Media exhibit “Bright as Day, Dark as Night”)
9″x12″+ frame
Price on Request

Cayman Green Turtle
9”x12” + frame

Freighter in the Fog
27”x13″ Framed

Salmon Light
27”x13” Framed

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