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Smithsonian Associates Discovery Theater on Tour

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    • Theater

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    • auditorium
    • Smithsonian Associates Discovery Theater on Tour


      Discovery Theater presents audiences with live performances that celebrate the rich diversity of our region and our world. Programs tap into the vast resources of the Smithsonian Institution to present relevant, culturally accurate, entertaining programs that allow audiences to experience heritage, science, and culture, in a memorable way. Past productions include “Fábulas Fairy Tales”, “Retratos: My People, Myself”, “How Old is a Hero?”, and “Science of Spring”. Contact Artivate for information and availability.

      Curriculum Connections

      Music, Theatre, Storytelling, Language Arts, Social Studies, World Languages, STEM, Green, Character/SEL

      This program can be completed virtually:

  • Name or Art Agency:
    Artivate, Inc.
    PO Box 11242 Takoma Park, MD 20913

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