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    Compass Rose Theater is an award-winning, small professional theater and non-profit educational organization serving Maryland adults and youth since 2011. Compass Rose Theater offers professional performances at schools as well as its theater (in Maryland Hall,) often hosting classes/workshops related to its season of full performances. In schools and organizations, Compass Rose presents shortened versions, such as play readings, with optional discussions afterward. We also offer classes/workshops offsite in schools and community centers. Class/Workshop offerings include Welcome to Theater, Create A Play, Improvisation, Fairytales Onstage, Shakespeare and Play Production, and more. We have also provided full-service theatrical production support to lead a production at a school - including play selection, casting, rehearsing, and performance, in conjunction with the school or PTO.


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    • residency
    • workshop
    • auditorium
    • Theater Readings/Workshops


      We bring a mini performance, workshop, or play reading into your classroom that could be tied into something your students are studying or are of interest to your students. We can also create play readings and discussions on a specific educational/thematic topic. This year Compass Rose will be covering different themes of relationships and life: marriage and a stray dog (from Sylvia by A.R. Gurney - for older teens), teenagers, health and mysterious connections (I and You by Laura Gunderson), seniors and aging (The Gin Game) and trust/honesty, music, and home towns (The Music Man). Workshops can be tailored to any aged student.

      Appropriate Grade Levels:
      Elementary, Middle School, High School

      Curriculum Connections

      Music/Heath/Creative/Writing/Drama/English: This year, we have a hit for theater and band students, The Music Man. We can read and discuss "Sylvia" - a play about a dog's effect on marriage (a human plays the part of the dog), for high school students. For other age groups, we also can offer readings from "The Gin Game" - about an elderly couple and the process of aging. "I and You" is particularly good for teenagers.

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    • Theater Classes/Workshops


      Compass Rose Theater offers weekly classes and residency workshops on a variety of theater-related topics, such as Welcome to Theater, Create A Play, Improvisation, and others. We can provide a class that fits the needs and ages of the youth who will participate. We also have training for drama teachers to support their creative productions.

      Appropriate Grade Levels:
      Elementary, Middle School, High School

      Curriculum Connections

      This would connect to students with an interest in dramatics, English, creative writing, and even art. For instance, Create a Play and Play Production includes everything that is needed for the production, including the stage (sets and set design), or props/costuming. English class students may utilize this class or workshop to encourage writing a play - or exercising the creative storytelling in each of us. This can be a day or week workshop or weekly classes.

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      Depends on number of students and needs.

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