December 10, 2021 - April 11, 2022

What’s Up? Media Exhibit 14: “Wonders of Water”


Water is immensely powerful. It is essential to life, yet capable of causing destruction and chaos. We admire its dynamic properties from the way it ebbs and flows to loud crashing waves and serene moments of calm and stillness. Water can be all of these things and more. This new exhibit offers artists an opportunity to be inspired by the wonders of water.

What’s Up? Media new exhibit displays the beautiful two-dimensional work of local Anne Arundel County artists. Exhibits rotate every four months, each with a new theme. This exhibit is located at 201 Defense Highway in Annapolis. Hours are Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM.

Congratulations to the Best in Show winners of the Wonders of Water Exhibit!

First Place: Allison Butterfield, “Line of Sight”

Runner Up: Parie Willis, “Fantasy Forest”


Angela Bender – “At the Bottom of Everything”, “Beaver Falls”

Wendy Bragga – “Stillness in Chestertown”

Blandine Broomfield – “Stalking the Wild Turtle”, “Sun on Lotus Leaves”, “Severn Run and Its Little Floodplain”, “Green Haven Harbor”, “Green Haven Harbor Waters”, “Little Waterfall By Montevideo Road”

Jack Brumbaugh – “Threshhold”, “Refractory”, “Paradox Lake”, “Henlopen”, “Best Day”, “In Queue”

Allison Butterfield – “Barrel”, “Riptide”, “Line of Sight” (featured photo above), “Reflections”

Dacey Collinson – “Waves”

JoAnn Cook – “Tranquility”, “Lough Corrib Ireland”

Carolyn Councell – “The Wave”, “Choppy Sail”, “Express to Finish”

Anita Ewing – “Veil of Tears”

Kimberly George – “Safe at Harbor”

Paula Heacock – “Thomas Point Lighthouse with Clouds”, “Waves at Thomas Point Lighthouse”

Merrilyne Hendrickson – “Elusive inlets”, “Autumn Mirror”

Lucretia Krick –  “Twilight Mystery”

Kimmary MacLean – “Gorgeous Lilies in the Pond”, “Neighbors”, “Ray in the Bay”, “So Ducky Together”

Richard Niewerth – “Dobbins Island”, “Mensha”

Betty Pethel – “Ice on the River”, “Going Down”, “Coming Through”

Laurie Putscher – “Window on a Rainy, Windy River Beach”

Derek Roper – “Devil’s Reef Hotel”

Wil Scott – “Flow-Aquatic Vegitation”, “Storm on the Chesapeake”, “Big Rig”

Sandy Travis Bildahl – “Waves of Wonder”

Olivia Wilkins – “Hale-Bopp: Carrying Clues of Terrestrial Water’s Origins”, “Dihydrogen Monoxide”

Parie Willis – “Austrian Castle”, “Grandest Canyon”, “Distant Lighthouse”, “Fantasy Forest”

To view the online gallery of artwork, click here!

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