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Virtual Art Reception “Empowering Women”

Please join What’s Up? Media and the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County for our 11th and very first virtual Art Reception, featuring an artist’s interpretation of “Empowering Women.” This exhibit honors the Centennial of Women gaining the right to vote.

Please vote for your favorite artist and runner up, voting is now available and will end October 23rd. The winners will be announced on Friday October 23rd at 3:00 p.m.

VOTING CLOSED! Congratulations to Mattie Fenton who came in first place with her artwork “Female Duality” and Alisa Hoodikoff who came in second place with her artwork “Reflections”. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE WINNERS ARTWORK!


Carolyn Councell – “Mother’s Legacy”, “Fiesta”, “Men Only”, “Danse de le Printemps”

Mattie Fenton – “Female Duality – Nurse Practitioner/New Mother During Covid-19”

Jeanne Fryer – “Elaine”

Kay Fuller – “Someone to Water Over Me”, “The Matriarch”, “The Entertainer”

Monica Hawse – “On The Cusp”

Alisa Hoodikoff – “Vogue Life”, “Flourish”, “Reflections”

Lucretia Krick – “Empowered Women”

Kimmary MacLean – “Self”, “Faces of Me”, “Peace”

Lora Moran-Collins – “Heartbreak #2”, “Heartbreak #1”, “Hands Tied”, “She’s Always With Me”, “Heartbreak #3”

Angie O’Neal – “The Road Less Traveled”, “Love”, “Little Girl Trip to the Gallery”, “Juneteenth”

Betty Pethel – “Girls Having Tea”, “Triptych 1 Rejoicing”, “Triptych 2 Remembering”, “Triptych 3 My Time”, “Chloe”, “Together”



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