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Arts Classes Fall 2015

Some of  Artfarm's younger students & their Joiners, inspired by David Hockney.

Some of Artfarm’s younger students & their Joiners, inspired by David Hockney.

In less than two weeks, many schools will be starting classes and with Labor Day just three weeks away, fall schedules are about to begin.  Whether you have children at home or are looking for ways to expand your artistic horizons, throughout Anne Arundel County there are a variety of arts classes being offered by  non-profit  arts groups  funded by the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County.

It doesn’t matter where you live, North County, South County, West County or in the city of Annapolis; it is easy to find a class.   Think art classes are just about teaching how to hold a paint brush?  Think again.  At the Artfarm in Annapolis, art classes for children taught by Stacey Turner give students of all ages an introduction to different types of materials . Each class  begins with a short presentation about an artist & their work.   According to their class description,  “The emphasis is on the distinctive style of each artist & their visionary contribution to the overall world of art.”  Looking at the photograph above, you can see some of the results!

At West County Creative Arts, classes are being offered this fall with a focus on dance and drama.  From Mini Shakespeare to Musical Revue, there are a lot of opportunities for young thespians to develop their skills.

At West County Creative Arts classes are offered in Odenton  at the Weis Shopping Center and begin Sept. 8th

At West County Creative Arts classes are offered in Odenton at the Weis Shopping Center and begin Sept. 8th.

In South County at the Historic London Town and Gardens are programs for children and their families that are being home schooled.  One of the afternoon programs is called” Spin, Sew and Sail”. Participants will have the chance to dye fabric, sew canvas like an original master sailmaker, spin on a wooden wheel, and weave threads.

Looking for an inter-generational experience?  At the Chesapeake Arts Center in a class taught by Anita Horwath, children and senior adults come together to perform improvisational scenes on diverse and timely topics focusing on situations facing Maryland  citizens today. Share your own story and experience through acting and theatre and if you are a senior over 50, this class is free.

For adults who love jewelry and ceramics, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts has just the class to tickle your fancy.  In this three day workshop for adults over the age of 16, you’ll learn glazing and decorating techniques for creating beads and buttons to make your own jewelry and clothing accessories.