The Annie Awards recognize individuals in nine different categories who have made a lasting, significant and inspiring contribution to an art form, an arts organization and to the wider community of Anne Arundel County. Nominations are accepted ONLINE through the Arts Council Website, by June 15th of each year, in preparation for the Annie Awards ceremony in October. If Nominations are lacking in a given category, the Arts Council reserves the right to postpone the Award to the following year.

Arts Patron

(Contributes Time, Talent, Energy and/or Funding)

  1. Leadership position on boards
  2. Served on arts boards
  3. Volunteer
  4. Fund Raiser
  5. Serves locally, regionally, nationally

Arts Educator

(Teacher, Administrator, Instructor, Volunteer in Education)

  1. Creativity, new ideas, innovative programs
  2. Number of people reached, scope of influence
  3. Longevity of service
  4. Awards
  5. Training and credentials

Lifetime Achievement

(Living or Posthumous)

  1. Lifetime of accomplishments in arts
  2. Outstanding achievements
  3. Strong influence in community
  4. Significant impact in area of expertise
  5. Local, regional, national

Literary Arts

(Poet, Journalist, Author, Playwright, Screenwriter)

  1. Number of works published/performed/produced
  2. Rating as a journalist, columnist, poet, etc.
  3. Self or national publisher
  4. Longevity of career
  5. Name recognition

Performing Arts

(Musician, Dancer, Director, Conductor, Storyteller)

  1. Credits, quality of work
  2. Reviews, reputation
  3. Local, regional, national performances
  4. Provides growth, expansion for area of work
  5. Longevity

Visual Arts

(Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker, Weaver, Potter, Photographer)

  1. Longevity of career
  2. Awards, reviews
  3. Primary life’s work
  4. Significant collections
  5. Museum shows

Arts Philanthropist

  1.  Significant and sustained charitable giving to local arts and cultural organizations
  2. Leadership in Charitable giving has produced a noteworthy impact for the community
  3. Collections or donations have greatly enhanced the local cultural aesthetic
  4. Recognized locally, regionally, nationally

Historic Arts

  1. Noteworthy contributions have greatly impacted the local community
  2. Writings or Accomplishments have had far reaching implications
  3. Published works locally, regionally, nationally
  4. Credentials, Awards, reviews & reputation

Arts Excellence in Leadership Award

  1. Displays outstanding levels of leadership and mentorship while practicing a high standard of ethics and
  2. Demonstrated track record as an Innovator evidenced by arts programming that is successful and unique
  3. Leads by example by promoting a work and service environment that is respectful and supportive of artists and
    members of the local arts community
  4. Strongly supports professional growth and development opportunities for their team
  5. Fosters an arts community that promotes diversity and is welcoming to all county residents

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