Featured AAC Artist Series: Wil Scott

The Arts Council Virtual Art Gallery Series Featuring AAC Artist: Wil Scott

The visible world is full of complexity, contradictions, fleeting beauty, and the anxieties of those who inhabit it. A camera is a tool to preserve and discover these things, sometimes in completely unexpected ways. My works are an attempt to recognize distinctive patterns of light and shadow, arrangements of forms and colors, and the range of human emotions. Unintentionally, much of my work is impacted by more than thirty years as an historian of American art and my career at the National Gallery in Washington, DC. As I continue my work in photography, I’m drawn more and more to the drama of life revealed in public spaces. Travel contributes greatly to this trend in my work. Earlier work tended toward dramatic depictions of nature, especially clouds, sunsets, and storms. These subjects still attract my attention, along with architectural subjects. Photography for me is a continuing journey, and I don’t know the destination.

Wil Scott Productions

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Scroll down to see a few selected pieces of Wil’s work along with the details for each piece. 

(From Left to Right)

Digital Photo

Dutch Still Life
Digital Photo

Peace Upon the Earth
Digital Photo

Digital Photo

Susquehanna Bridges in the Mist
Digital Photo

Phantoms (featured in the Arts Council What’s Up? Media exhibit “Bright as Day, Dark as Night”)
Digital Photo


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