Featured AAC Artist Series: Patrice Drago

The Arts Council Virtual Art Gallery Series Featuring AAC Artist: Patrice Drago

“I am inspired by beauty, and I paint because it is adventurous and optimistic. I have always loved diving into the unknown, and I do that with every new painting and every stroke. The process of discovery and creation brings me joy, and my goal is to create works that do the same for others.

Vibrant color and energetic designs move my soul. Most of my work is lyrical abstract expression with a constant underlying theme of sharp contrast and lightness of spirit. Creating large energetic works with a back and forth of addition and subtraction is invigorating and exciting, and I balance that with the zen and meditative process of creating smaller works of abstractions of animals and the natural world as well as urban environments.”

Patrice Drago – Fine Art

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Scroll down to see a few selected pieces of Patrice’s work along with the details for each piece. 

(From Left to Right)

“Thermal Lift”
acrylic on canvas

“Blue Kyanite”
acrylic on canvas

“Between the Spaces”
acrylic on canvas

“Along the Brook”
acrylic and mixed media on canvas

acrylic and mixed media on canvas

acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Photo gallery

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