Featured AAC Artist Series: Carole Falk

The Arts Council Virtual Art Gallery Series Featuring AAC Artist: Carole Falk

Who knew that high school classes at the Art Students’ League would lead to a lifetime passion for art. College classes in art history and studio art inspired me to “keep it up.” Since I could get a babysitter, I took up Chinese painting and when we moved to Annapolis a serendipitous encounter with a wonderful woman who was a potter led to classes and eventually to an MFA in Ceramics. Having fallen in love with the Asian aesthetic I embraced a “docentship” for 13 years at the Smithsonian Freer and Sackler Museums of Asian Art which provided me with a grounding in Asian art. Then as the “Arundel Artist” columnist for The Capital in the 1990’s I deepened my knowledge of contemporary art. Sixty juried shows throughout the Maryland region sponsored by the Arts Council of AA County, the MFA, the University of Maryland and the Mitchell Gallery of St. John’s College (where I have been a docent for 15 years) have included my work in clay, metal and on paper. Active with the MFA for 40 years, I served as Chair of the annual Art on Paper show for several years. Clay wall pieces were purchased by Washington DC corporations, thee FHA building, law offices and a hospital. Over the years the Ceramic Guild of Washington, Potters’ Guild of Annapolis, and the MFA have awarded me prizes. Hopefully all the years of experience and exposure now imbue my strokes with consistency and expertise
For twenty-five years I “potted,” until arthritis won. Then hand-building on a tiny scale, making jewelry with dichotic glass and PMC jewelry clay occupied my hands. For ten years I’ve been investigating a big item on the bucket list: painting (with acrylics and most lately, the new medium of oil mixed with cold wax). While new techniques beckon, my work seems to be linked by an eastern aesthetic— I try to be organic and gestural within an abstracted scene. As Francis Bacon said, “The job of an artist is to deepen the mystery.”

Maryland Federation of Art (MFA)

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Scroll down to see a few selected pieces of Carole’s work along with the details for each piece. 

(From Left to Right) 

Cloud Medley
Acrylic on Board
Framed in Silver
26” x 27”
Price on Request

Burning Bright
Gallery Framed Acrylic on Canvas
24” Square
Price on Request

The Lightness of Grace
Oil and Wax on Board
12” Square
Price on Request

Acrylic on Canvas
24” Square
Price on Request

Free Variations
Acrylic on Canvas, Gallery Wrapped
24” Square
Price on Request

Taking a Spin in the Hadron Collider (featured in the Arts Council BWI exhibit “Methods of Transport”)
Oil and cold wax
20″ x 15″

Photo gallery

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