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    More artist info coSuzanne Herbert-Forton has been a working artist in Baltimore for over 30 years. She creates and exhibits mixed media pieces using hand embroidery, ceramics and found objects. The work is inspired in part by the artisans of the middle ages, and by her Russian orthodox heritage. Her background in fiber arts and abiding interest in costume have led her to years of work in professional theater. Suzanne enjoys sharing her skills, working with children and adults teaching in a wide range of settings, from recreation to regular classroom. She has participated in the Maryland State Arts Council AIE program as a residency artist since 2002. She is on the Artist Roster for Arts For Learning, MD. In this capacity, she works with teachers and students to integrate the arts across the curriculum.ming soon!


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    • residency
    • workshop
    • virtual
    • Embroidery Across the Curriculum


      Embroidery Across the Curriculum -Residency
      Embroidery has connections across history and cultures. The artist will work with teachers to design an arts integrated project focused on their needs. Students will learn basic embroidery techniques, geared to the grade level. They will design and create their own embroidered illustrations on muslin or felt. The final product can be an installation or individual works of art.

      Appropriate Grade Levels:

      Curriculum Connections

      Social Studies, English Language Arts, Science, Social Emotional Learning

      This program is offered as:

    • Ceramic Relief Sculpture Residency


      Students will design and create a relief sculpture mural with handmade ceramic tiles. The mural may have an art integrated theme incorporating science, history, or other curriculum objectives. Students will learn how this kind of sculpture has been used throughout history by many cultures. Students will learn how to create high and low relief and texture in clay. The completed work may be a ceramic mural installation or individual student works.

      Appropriate Grade Levels:

      Curriculum Connections

      Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Social Emotional Learning

      This program is offered as:

      • residency
    • Plant Dye/Embroidery Residency


      In the Plant Dye and Embroidery Residency, students will learn about historical and/or scientific aspects of dying fabric with plant dyes. The specific arts integration focus will be determined by the instructional needs of the individual school. Students will dye cotton and wool fabrics with plant dyes and create embroideries on the dyed materials.

      Appropriate Grade Levels:

      Curriculum Connections

      Social Studies, Science, English Language Arts

      This program is offered as:

      • residency
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    Arts For Learning, MD
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