Connecting with the Arts – January 2023

Welcome back to the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County’s monthly blog series, Connecting with the Arts,  where we feature news and updates from the arts community in Anne Arundel County. Tune in the last Friday of each month to connect and learn more about the arts organizations that are making an impact locally.

Here’s a look into this month’s post:

  • Check out what show is happening at Annapolis Opera.
  • Annapolis Maritime Museum  is continuing their Winter Lecture Series
  • See what’s going on at ArtFarm Studios 
  • Join Captain Avery Museum for their winter luncheon series
  • See the new exhibits at Chesapeake Arts Center 
  • Don’t miss Classic Theatre of Maryland’s upcoming productions.
  • Check out MFA’s current exhibitions
  • Catch up on all the latest happenings at Maryland Hall.

You can connect and learn more about these organizations by clicking their logos below. We hope you enjoy!



Sunday, February 5, 2023 | 2 – 5 PM

Tickets: $125 per person and benefit the Annapolis Opera

Tour a private collection of over fifty rare and amazing mechanical music machines!

Known worldwide, this Annapolis collection includes a variety of museum-worthy nickelodeons, organs, orchestrions, music boxes, and more spanning from 1836 to 2005, with many machines having less than six surviving examples in the United States. Owners Richard and Cheryl Hack will demonstrate numerous machines from the smallest handheld singing bird box to the largest machine, a Mortier Dance Organ which stands eleven feet high by twenty feet wide!

Tickets are required and the guided tour is limited to 60 guests and includes drinks and appetizers. Location and parking information will be sent prior to the event.

Special Exhibit – Water’s Edge

ANNAPOLIS, MD – (January 27, 2023) In collaboration with local artist Lisa Masson, the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park [AMM] will host Water’s Edge, a new temporary exhibit opening this Saturday, January 28, 2023. This features photography and images inspired by living and sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.

“I am honored to be able to share my vision of the Chesapeake Bay and other waters that surround us with Annapolis Maritime Museum and it’s visitors”.

The exhibit, highlighting the waters of the Bay and Chesapeake Bay log canoes, opens to the public following an educational lecture with Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Chief Curator, Pete Lesher as part of AMM’s annual Winter Lecture Series. In this session, Pete discussed the history and ongoing tradition of racing Chesapeake Bay log canoes.

Water’s Edge explores the quiet imagery of the waters surrounding the Chesapeake Bay and beyond and captures a deeply rooted love for the Bay, boating, and culture. The exhibit will be on display until Sunday, March 19th. Special exhibit access is included in the museum admission price. Lisa’s beautiful coffee table book titled Annapolis Photographic Portrait, is also on sale in AMM’s museum gift shop.

AMM’s goal is to encourage the general public to cherish our maritime heritage and become lifelong stewards of the Chesapeake Bay. We must continue to support the current generation of people who love the Bay and to engage and inspire the next generation.

Learn more about this new exhibit online at or

About the Artist

As an avid photographer, Lisa had a camera in her hand since her teen years. After earning a Bachelor of Art degree in Photograph, she began a successful career in hospitality and advertising photography. After discovering sailing and her love of water, Lisa moved to Annapolis, MD and in 2000, built a home studio on the peninsula of Eastport. Lisa Masson Studio Gallery is located between Chester & Chesapeake Avenues on 4th Street in Eastport. This working photography studio features beautiful original fine art photography.

About the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park

The Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating students and adults on the area’s rich maritime heritage and the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. The Museum partners with community groups, government entities, and other likeminded organizations to deliver high-quality educational initiatives and programs on subjects ranging from history and culture to the environment and good stewardship practices.

Winter Lecture Series

Winter Lecture – Annapolis: 1942

FEBRUARY 2, 2023

The first full year of World War II brings a rush of productivity to the previously sleepy Annapolis waterfront. As air raid drills, war bond sales, and an expanded Naval Academy define the day-to-day, Dr. Robert Goddard and his small team are quietly posted at the North Severn Experiment Station. They are directed to bolt a rocket engine on a massive seaplane and attempt to fly it. The need is urgent. Within weeks of the start of the project, a young naval aviator flies the hybrid plane, taking off, landing, and, eventually, crashing on the Severn River.

Despite the war, President Franklin Roosevelt insists that Army and Navy continue their iconic football rivalry. The game is played at Annapolis, under most unique circumstances, on the shores of the Severn River. Meanwhile, in Eastport, the Annapolis Yacht Yard hires hundreds of workers, sets up Detroit-inspired production lines, and begins mass-producing wooden warships. The rush of productivity occurs alongside the ruins of the Schooner AMERICA which had been brought to the Yacht Yard for a refit which was permanently delayed by the start of war. Annapolis sailor, historian, and author David Gendell has conducted extensive research into this period, including interviews with those on the scene. His presentation includes a variety of first-hand accounts, unique images, original maps.

Presenter: David Gendell | Author & Sailor 

About the Presenter: Lifelong Annapolis sailor David Gendell is a historian, author, and the co-founder of SPINSHEET and PROPTALK magazines. He is the author of “Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse: A Chesapeake Bay Icon” (The History Press, 2020), the first and only book devoted to the history and preservation of the 1875 screwpile lighthouse at Annapolis.


Winter Lecture – Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: The Oyster Wars

FEBRUARY 9, 2023

It has been over 150 years since the establishment of Maryland’s “Oyster Navy,” a forerunner of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police. It was a necessary establishment for dealing with a lucrative, competitive, and sometimes deadly industry.

In the early-19th century, Maryland and Virginia began passing a series of laws to regulate and limit oyster catching. Anyone who violated these oyster laws became known in the press and by the public as “oyster pirates.” Many dared to thwart the government’s attempts, like the women of the Dancing Molly, the crew of the Palo Alto, and the notorious Cannon Family led by patriarch H.P. “Pirate Chief” Cannon.

The Oyster Wars took a final deadly turn in April 1959 with the murder of Berkeley Muse, a well-respected community leader in Colonial Beach, Virginia (located on the border of Southern Maryland).

Presenter: Dr. Jamie L.H. Goodall | Historian & Author 

About the Presenter: Dr. Jamie L.H. Goodall is a historian at the U.S. Army Center of Military History.* She has a PhD in History from The Ohio State University with specializations in Atlantic World, Early American, and Military histories. She is also a first-generation college student. Her publications include a National Geographic bookazine on global piracy, Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: From the Colonial Era to the Oyster Wars, and Pirate and Privateers from Long Island Sound to Delaware Bay. She lives in Northern Virginia with her spouse and two Boxer pups, Thomas Jefferson (TJ) and John Tyler (JT).

*The views expressed here are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the values or beliefs of the U.S. Army/TRADOC, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Army Center of Military History.


Winter Lecture – Cartoonist at Sea: Two Years Sailing the World Through Photographs and Cartoons

FEBRUARY 16, 2023

For over twenty years, Jim Toomey has been bringing the sea into the homes of millions of newspaper readers through his comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon. Jim will discuss what inspired him to draw a comic strip set under the sea, and with a live-drawing demonstration, he’ll demonstrate how he creates his comic strip.

In the second part of his talk, Jim will discuss his experiences living on a sailboat for two years with his wife, Valerie, their two kids and the family dog, and how he managed to continue publishing a daily comic strip about the ocean while living on the ocean.

Presenter: Jim Toomey | Writer & Cartoonist 

About the Presenter: Jim Toomey is an internationally published humor writer and syndicated cartoonist best known as the creator of the popular comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon, published daily in over 150 newspapers, including The Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Chicago Tribune. The strip’s underwater theme, featuring a great white shark named Sherman and his cast of ocean-going friends, appeals to adults and children alike. Jim has just completed his 27th bookpublished by Andrews McMeel.

Sherman’s Lagoon combines Jim’s two life-long passions:  drawing and the sea. Jim’s been engaged in the former activity since he could hold a crayon, and his love of the sea dates back to his early childhood. Jim has done two TED Talks, the first in April 2010, at an ocean-themed TED event in the Galapagos Islands, and the second in 2016 in Cannes, France. He has given similar talks at a variety of venues, from the Royal Society in London to Harvard University to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to his children’s kindergarten class.

In the summer of 2015, Jim and his family purchased a sailboat and embarked on a 14,000-mile journey, which covered most of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of Europe, some of North Africa, a trans-Atlantic jaunt, most of the Caribbean, and the east coast of the USA.  The cruise ended in June 2017.

Jim currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with his wife and two children.


Winter Lecture – Deadly Gamble: The Wreck of the Levin J. Marvel

FEBRUARY 23, 2023

The 128’ schooner Levin J. Marvel foundered in Herring Bay in southern Anne Arundel County on August 12, 1955. The three-masted ship was a carrier converted to a passenger cruiser. The captain was returning to Annapolis from an Eastern Shore cruise with 23 passengers and 4 crew aboard when he encountered the wind field of Hurricane Connie. With no auxiliary power and no canvas aloft, the captain made the decision to run before the wind to anchor off of Fairhaven.

The old ship was in poor condition to begin with and the wind and waves of the storm proved fatal to it. There was no lifeboat so 27 people fought for their lives after being swept from the vessel about a mile offshore. They struggled for several hours, finally, the fist survivor raised the alarm in North Beach. The community set into motion a dramatic and daring rescue response. In the end, over half were killed in the wreck.

The incident was shocking. An inexperienced captain took a decrepit ship filled with unwitting passengers into a hurricane. Manslaughter charges against the captain were soon filed. Coast Guard and Capitol Hill speedily drafted the legislation that regulates small passenger vessels to this day.

This presentation features dramatic slides outlining the story, the heroism and the aftermath of the tragedy.

Presenter: Kathy Bergren Smith | Author & Photo-Journalist

About the Presenter: Kathy Bergren Smith spent nearly two decades covering maritime industrial topics as a photo-journalist for WorkBoat Magazine, National Fisherman and the Port of Baltimore. She lives in Galesville.

About the Series: 

The Annapolis Maritime Museum holds its annual Winter Lecture Series over eight consecutive Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. from mid-January through early March. You will be challenged to question and to learn by engaging speakers on diverse topics including maritime history, local history, science and maritime art.

The 2023 series will be held in person at the Museum Campus (723 Second Street Annapolis, MD 21403). Pre-registration is strongly suggested, space is limited. Registration fee of $10 per person at the door – first come, first served. Free admission for First Mate ($150) and above.

Upcoming ArtFarm events:

Feb 9th: Sketch Night with model 

Feb 11th: Valentine Card Workshop 

Feb 12th: Mandala Workshop 

Feb 16th: Adult Figure Drawing (with nude models) (4 weeks) 

Feb 17th: Teen Poetry Night 

Feb 18th: Burlesque

Feb 23: First Exposure (4 Weeks) 


Learn More and Register Here

Winter Luncheon Series

February 1: “Family Afloat” – Sailing Around the World

February 8: 28 Years at the Bay Weekly Newspaper

February 15: Understanding the Ukraine & Russia Conflicts

February 22: “Deadly Gamble” – The Tragedy of the Levin J. Marvel Schooner


Members: $25 per lecture; $125 for the series of 6 (six).

Non-members: $30 per lecture; $150 for the series of 6 (six).

More details and admission at



School Lunch Series- An exhibition by Lisa DeLoria Weinblatt

December 19 – February 15

Hal Gomer Gallery

SCHOOL LUNCH is a visual essay of contemporary student life in real educational settings. Current cross-cultural issues and their emotional attitudes are explored in the shared experience of school lunch. SCHOOL LUNCH is generated from direct observation, drawing on-site, in lunchrooms and campuses of High Schools and Colleges. Each individual in my paintings, drawn in the moment, is an actual person. My goal is to create humanistic awareness in a framework that is universally recognized. SCHOOL LUNCH underlines perceptions which affirm cultural identity, brings together ideas espousing contemporary social, gender and political concerns while encouraging a belief in the quality of human spirit.



Gallery Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm | Saturday: 10am-1pm


THE ESSENTIALS – An exhibition by Liana Owad

Gallery 194

Liana Owad is an artist working with traditional and contemporary mediums to create sculptures and works on paper. Her work explores the domestic space and addresses the ideas of comfort and confinement in the home. She says of her work:  “The essentials during the COVID lock-down varied greatly by household. These items ranged from food to entertainment to cleaning products. The work in The Essentials is a collection of both cardboard and plastic packaging from store purchased and ordered items roughly over the past year that I began just after the birth of my daughter at the height of an omicron variant spike in January 2022. As my husband and I navigated as new parents in the mists of a pandemic, we chose to order even more of our immediate needs. This allowed us to greatly limit our exposure risks and unintentionally led to this collection. It has grown and taken shape as our essentials have evolved.”

Gallery Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm | Saturday: 10am-1pm


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Sign In: 8:00am

Tee Time: 9:00am

Compass Pointe Golf Course

9010 Fort Smallwood Road | Pasadena, MD 21122

Mark your calendars for CAC’s annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for CAC’s arts and education programs.  We hope to beat last year’s total of 120 golfers who helped raise (net) nearly $30,000.  Sponsorships and foursomes will be available starting February 1 – help spread the word about this event that provides much-needed funds for CAC’s mission.    

Visit for more information or contact Gena O’Brien at [email protected] or 410-636-6597.


THE LEARNED LADIES February 10 – March 5, 2023

Henriette’s liberated, feminist mother wants her to marry the man she has picked out for her: a posturing , unctuous fop masquerading as a poet! Her father agrees with her that she should marry her true love. The problem? Dad caves in to Mom’s wishes at every turn! Will Dad assert his right as the head of the house? Must Henriette flee to a convent to avoid her suitor’s insipid poetry? It’s the war of the sexes, 17th-century style!

CTM holds the right to provide a substitution for any performance or production in our season, to substitute an understudy when necessary, and to cancel a performance due to covid-related illness when absolutely necessary.


There are no refunds for cancelled performances, late arrivals or no-shows. There are no exchanges for no-shows. If unable to attend the performance, patrons should contact the box office 24 hours in advance of the performance to reschedule. Patrons requesting a change of date may do so for a fee.

Contact email: [email protected]


FEBRUARY CABARET February 13, 2023 at 7:30pm

Enjoy an evening of live music! These popular costumed and choreographed productions feature our resident singers and special Broadway guest performers, accompanied by the popular Unified Jazz Ensemble. This is perfect for date night or a fun evening out with friends. Our updated Cabaret Venue features cafe tables and a full bar in a relaxed comfortable setting.

CTM holds the right to provide a substitution for any performance or production in our season, to substitute an understudy when necessary, and to cancel a performance due to covid-related illness when absolutely necessary.


There are no refunds for cancelled performances, late arrivals or no-shows. There are no exchanges for no-shows. If unable to attend the performance, patrons should contact the box office 24 hours in advance of the performance to reschedule. Patrons requesting a change of date may do so for a fee.

Contact email: [email protected] 


Jen Sterling: For the Love of Art

MFA Curve Gallery

Jan 10 – Feb 10

For the Love of Art is a series of expressionistic abstract works contained within rigid steel hearts by fine artist Jen Sterling. These pieces express the emotion, depth, and energy of love. They are an ideal and unique gift for the art lover in your life.  Color has always had a profound influence on Sterling’s mood. She first bought paint and canvas while traveling the American Southwest in 1990. Her goal is not to capture an image, but to capture the emotion that image captures. Jen’s work is just like her: vibrant, passionate, and creative. Creating work that is fluid, that inspires energy and excitement, vitality and confidence: these give her the greatest artistic satisfaction. See her work online in MFA’s Curve Gallery Jan 10 – Feb 10 at


Marisa Canino, Michael Gaudreau, and Kate Gaudreau

MFA at Hospice of the Chesapeake

Jan 19 – End of Mar

Marisa Canino and Kate and Michael Gaudreau are displaying their work at the Hospice of the Chesapeake Offices. The work will be available to view online through the end of March. Marisa Canino is a primarily self-taught artist who returned to art-making during the pandemic. This series, “Vibrant & Wild” is a collection of animal portraits in bold, non-realistic color that captures and celebrates nature’s small moments and fleeting details before they vanish, and highlights the connections we share with animals who inhabit our environment. Kate Gaudreau is not driven by a desire for a realistic depiction or the grand view. Instead, she narrows in or a part of the landscape or a smaller piece of intersections of shapes and lines. Kate’s small gouache and mixed media paintings reflect her personal response and connection to the natural world and the beauty within it. Michael Gaudreau grew up around water and woods and finds himself at peace when he can totally immerse himself in studying light and shadow and surprising bursts of colors in the rural landscape. These paintings are what he calls the “moment of light,” where a burst of light illuminates the ordinary and makes them extraordinary. Visit to see the work.


Patrick Clagett and Kimmary I. MacLean

MFA at Paul’s Homewood Café 

Beginning of Feb – End of Apr

Patrick Clagett and Kimmary I. MacLean are both artists inspired by nature and the beauty that can be found there. Patrick, a retired vascular surgeon, has returned to art and explores the scenic landscapes found navigating the backroads and highways of rural Michigan. Kimmary I. MacLean is a lifelong artist, as well as a dancer, teacher, and founder of The Creative and Performing Arts of South County. This body of work displays her love for our planet through its life, colors, shapes, textures, and contrasts, and are full of feeling and emotion. Patrick and Kimmary’s art will be displayed at Paul’s Homewood Café through the end of April. Visit’s to learn more about the artists.


Digital Directions

MFA Circle Gallery

Feb 1 – 25

The world has gone digital – and so has MFA this month! Computer software and technology have forever expanded the ways artists capture and produce their work. This show is a celebration of the futuristic road we are driving down (hands-free, of course). The work in this show was all created and/or processed digitally, and the was selected by juror Jeff Murphy, Associate Professor of Art at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Digital Directions is on display through Feb 25 at Circle Gallery. Come catch a glimpse of the future of art and join us for a closing reception on Feb 25 from 4 – 6 PM. Visit for more information.


Lowe House

Lowe House of Delegates Office Building

Feb 1 – 25

Maryland Federation of Art was invited to exhibit artwork at the Lowe House of Delegates Office Building. Come see the work in this show selected by juror Laura Pasquini, Artist, Museum Educator, and Visual Arts Success Coach, and the Visual Arts Program Navigator at Anne Arundel Community College. Join us on Jan 29 for a Virtual Awards Ceremony to see who won what awards and to hear more about the show. Works will be on display in the Lowe House of Delegates Office Building, near the Anne Arundel County Delegation room. This exhibition is open to the public Monday – Friday during regular business hours through Apr 10. Visitors must have a driver’s license or another form of government-issued ID to enter the building. Visit to learn more.

Black Art Matters

MFA People’s Choice Voting Gallery

Feb 1 – 28

Black art is American art. Black issues are American issues. The Black Lives Matter protests have resulted in powerful artwork derived from passion, grief, persistence, and the pursuit of justice. But it’s not just about the protests; Black artists have always made art reflecting the many facets of their lives: their joy and sorrow, their community and culture, and more. All works submitted will be on display in MFA’s online People’s Choice Voting Gallery from Feb 1 – 28. See the work and vote for your favorite piece at


Megan Whitfield and Amy Holt Cline

MFA at 49 West

Feb 2 – Mar 28

Megan Whitfield and Amy Holt Cline will be exhibiting their work at 49 West from Feb 2 – Mar 29. Megan Whitfield is a self-taught representational tonalist painter whose work aims to communicate the beauty and richness of the Mid-Atlantic region through carefully thought-out focal points, illuminating values, and compelling textures. California native and marine biology educator Amy Holt Cline’s mixed media paintings are inspired by sea floor mapping data and explore the connection between art and science. Both artists are inspired by nature and marine landscapes like the shorelines they grew up along. Visit to learn more about the artists and join us for a reception celebrating the art and artists on Feb 5 from 5 – 7 PM at 49 West.


Wil Talk with Elaine Weiner-Reed


Feb 8 from 5 – 6 PM

Elaine Weiner-Reed is an abstract expressionist. Her art career began with an interest of translating our 3D world into a 2D world of color. She first began her practice by studying classical oil painting and then exploring water media. Several years later, Elaine discovered her love for acrylics and latex on canvas. Join the Zoom on Feb 8 from 5 – 6 PM at


Street Scenes

MFA Curve Gallery

Feb 15 – Mar 31

This show is an exploration of the world around us. Whether people watching from a bench on Main Street in a small town, or watching the city fly by from the back of a taxi, the roads we travel have stories as unique as the people traveling them. Bustling city streets, quiet suburban lanes, and dusty country roads tell the stories of the people who live there, and what we see on these streets can define a place in our memories. Works selected by juror Matthew Moore, Associate Professor of Photography at Anne Arundel Community College, will be on display in MFA’s online gallery, Curve Gallery from Feb 15 – Mar 31. Visit to see the show.




Maryland Hall presents ‘AFTERMATH’ – an exhibit focusing on the healing power of art and community that rises up following gun violence. Spearheading this exhibit is a collection of work entitled ‘The Capital Five: Honoring Our Heroes of the Press’ – presented in the Martino Gallery.

This body of work commemorates the lives of Gerald Fischman, Rob Hiaasen, John McNamara, Rebecca Smith and Wendi Winters, whose lives were stolen on June 28, 2018 defending our Freedom of the Press. The featured artists in this collection are Laura Era, Melissa Gryder, Abigail McBride, Rebecca Wallace Pugh and Andrée Tullier. Each portrait artist worked alongside each family to create a large portrait of their loved one. 

Adjacent, in the Chaney Gallery is a collection of artwork and creative installations by regional artists Rama Alfarkh, Luis Bello, Kendall Chatlos, Warren Hynson, Joseph Karr, Felicia Reed, and Chrystal Seawood. Curated and produced by AND Creative (Alison Harbaugh & Darin Gilliam), this collection is a representation of healing after gun violence. Through a non-political lens, this work explores an overall community response and how it affects us in our everyday lives. 





New Exhibition by Maryland Hall Artist in Residence: Sheldon Pindell

#ArtGang is a movement any and every creator can be part of. It pushes the idea that all art styles can be considered “fine” and should be able to share the same space and venue as more “traditional” works. We are boundary breakers, noise makers, bold, offensive, loud, and go against the grain. We don’t wanna be like everyone else. We set the trends to follow.

#ArtGang2 is a continued project that explores the concept of taking an object that is typically paired with negative connotation (gas masks), and creating a beautifully bold, eye-catching, thought provoking work of art. Many of the work’s titles correlate with aspects of life… both good and bad. This gives each mask its own story and personality to explore.

So please get lost for a moment, and embrace a different style of art. I give you #ArtGang2. Thank you and enjoy.




For more than 25 years, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack has been one of Maryland’s favorite rock bands. But, the generation who grew up listening to their hits “Do Right” and “High” in the late 1990s now has their own kids.

And on Feb. 11, WTMD’s Saturday Morning Tunes and Maryland Hall are excited to present an all-ages Jimmie’s Chicken Shack show in the morning – a time when the whole family can rock out!

Doors open at 10 a.m., and the music starts at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 11, at Maryland Hall, 801 Chase St. in Annapolis. Parking is free and plentiful. Cafe at Maryland Hall will be open before and after the show, located on the 1st floor.

It is made possible in part by Peabody Preparatory of Johns Hopkins University, Waldorf School of Baltimore, Maryland Hall, and WTMD members.



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