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November 20, 2020 - March 15, 2021

BWI Exhibit 29: “Achromatic & Monochromatic”

BWI Airport - Presecurity Between Concourse C & D

An achromatic color scheme is the use of neutral colors from white to grey to black. A monochromatic color scheme is the use of one color while incorporating different tints, tones, and shades of that color.

This new exhibit “Achromatic and Monochromatic” gives artists an open subject matter while they experiment with using either of these color themes to influence their art.

This exhibit at BWI Marshall Airport provides a wonderful opportunity for local Anne Arundel County artists to showcase their talents to thousands of travelers. Exhibits rotate every four months, each with a new theme.


David Brault – “Explosive Light”

Karen Degraffenreid – “Sea Grapes”

Carole Falk – “Stormy Night”

Rich Isaacman – “Serious Geisha”, “Botswana Watering Hole”, “Rainy Day/Greek Café” (featured image above)

Laura Kramer – “Shortcut Through Winter”, “My Blues Elevated”, “The Fall of Season”

Theodore Kramer – “Palms”, “A Moment With One’s Self”, “Recapitulating Flight”

Lucretia Krick – “Rocky Shore”, “St. Croix Man”

Kimmary MacLean – “Afternoon on the Bay”, “From Past to Present and into the Future”, “Mother Spider”

Richard Niewerth – “Crowded Sidewalk #2”

Bob Peterson – “Downrigging”, “Annapolis Nocturn”, “Ego Alley”

Betty Pethel – “Old Annapolis”, “Silverpoint Maiden”

Laurie Putscher – “Rose Quartz”, “Shares of Gray”, “Cinnamon”

Wil Scott – “Easton Monument”, “Our Beach”

Annette Uroskie – “Ocean Water Study I”


To view the online gallery of artwork, click here!


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