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    Urban Artistry, Inc., is an internationally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the performance and preservation of art forms inspired by the urban experience. Serving as cultural ambassadors for communities that are often unsung, the group fulfills their mission through effective collaborations that support artists’ past, present, and future.


    • Dance

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    • residency
    • workshop
    • assembly
    • virtual
    • Let the Rhythm Hit Em


      Learn about the music and dance cultures that stem from various African American communities across the United States. Although these urban and hip-hop dance communities transpired amidst struggles and adversity, they have inspired a global commonwealth of artists, practitioners, and creatives. In this presentation, we celebrate the diverse communities and influences that contribute to urban dance culture through music and dance. The emcee, DHG, and dancers tell the story of where, when, and how these dance styles were developed through storytelling, dance demonstrations, call-and-response games, and interactive dance workshops. Dance styles in the presentation can include tap dance, locking, popping, breakin’ house dance, waacking, and hip-hip. We are eager to engage an audience of all ages in celebrating the freedom to express ourselves, cultivate self-worth, and respectfully hold space on and off the dance floor for each other.

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      • residency
      • workshop
      • assembly
      • virtual
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      Single: $1,300.00
      Back to Back: $1,600.00

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    Ryan Webb
    [email protected]
    (301) 348 - 8782
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