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    SOLE Defined is the Washington Metro area’s leading arts organization specializing in percussive dance – using the body as an instrument to create musical expression. Advancing styles such as Tap, Stepping, Body Percussion, Sand Dance, and Gumboot; this BIPOC led company infuses powerful skills to delight and inspire audiences. SOLE Defined was founded under the joint leadership of Ryan Johnson and Quynn Johnson. Together they merge their expertise in education, performance, and community outreach to advance respect for Black vernacular percussive dance to be on par with Eurocentric art forms and admired as a vital part of concert dance and education.

    Sole Stepz® Arts Education promotes positive self-expression through the performing arts. We achieve this by using percussive dance (tap and body percussion) as a tool to educate and promote collaboration, teamwork, and the importance of self-expression. Our programs allow students to enhance their ability to create their own movement.


    • Dance

    Type of Programs Offered

    • assembly
    • virtual
    • The REMIX School Assembly


      The REMIX is an action-packed, rhythmic rollercoaster, that explores the five elements of percussive dance (rhythm, energy, musicality, improvisation, and our x-factor). This interactive performance fuses Hip Hop music with Tap and Stepping, bringing audiences dancing along the way. The REMIX creates a safe space for students to become both dancer and musician while remixing the elements of percussive dance. Get ready to explore ways to create music with your body as we REMIX your school!

      Length: 40-45 minutes
      Program available virtually

      Appropriate Grade Levels:
      1st- 12th

      Curriculum Connections

      Dance, History, Teamwork, Collaboration

      This program is offered as:

      • assembly
      • virtual
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    Young Audiences of Maryland
    [email protected]
    (410) 837-7577
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