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Silly Goose & Val

  • Category:
    • Music
    • Theater

    Type of Programs Offered

    • auditorium
    • virtual
    • Respect: Self, Others, Earth


      Ventrillquist, Val Smalkin and Silly Goose show that respect starts at home with a healthy attitude toward oneself, and then spreads to friends and even strangers. Silly Goose and friends learn to be patient with themselves, and each other and learn some of the elements of respect for our planet..

      Grade Levels: K-5

      Curriculum Connections

      Encourages consideration of others, self-confidence; Expressing, understanding, and responding to the emotions of others; cooperative play; sharing; conflict resolution; controlling impulses; Attentiveness – Resisting distraction to maintain focus.

      This program can be completed virtually:

    • Silly Goose & Val Share Dragon Tales


      Through puppetry, ventriloquism, singing, dancing, story-telling, and 100% audience participation Val, along with Silly Goose, Rufus the Reluctant Dragon, Avery Ant, Garry Grasshopper, a frog, and a princess (or two) will share traditional stories such as The Grasshopper and the Ant, and Thorn Rosa, as well as some surprising new twists on fairy tales the Princess who wishes to remain a frog. Every other song in each Silly Goose & Val program has the audience up and moving.

      Grade Levels: K-3

      Curriculum Connections

      Familiarizes students with classic stories; promote listening skills through storytelling and story-singing.

      This program can be completed virtually:

    • Silly Goose & Val Go Green


      Ventriloquist, Val Smalkin along with Silly Goose celebrate the importance of bays in our ecological system with actions songs, sing-a-longs, dance-alongs, and laugh-along songs. Rufus the Reluctant Dragon and Willie the Worm help out as well. Learn about Runnoff, recycling, and why Marianne was sifting sand on the seashore!

      Grade Levels: K-5th

      Curriculum Connections

      ESS3 - Earth and Human Activity - How human activity effects the the Bay and what humans can do to help protect our waterways.

      This program can be completed virtually:

  • Name or Art Agency:
    Valerie Smalkin
    1122 Western Run Road Cockeysville, MD 21030

    Visit Website

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