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    Nick Newlin has been entertaining children of all ages fsince 1982 his high-energy super-fun comedy juggling act. He has performed solo and with his wife the Queen of Whimsey in all 50 states and internationally, combining ridiculous wordplay with awesome juggling, merry music, and a silly zest for life and love of fun! Nicolo's solo show features poetry, storytelling, music, character acting, music and audience participation with themes of perseverance, generosity, kindness, tolerance and love of reading.

    Nicolo Whimsey has performed at the Kennedy Center, The White House and at hundreds of schools, libraries, festivals and any place that needs a good laugh. Nick Newlin also directs plays at the high school level and has written a 21 book series called “The 30-Minute Shakespeare”. Workshops in juggling are available in conjunction with the performance, if desired. Nicolo can perform virtually or in person, indoors or outdoors!


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    • workshop
    • assembly
    • virtual
    • Nicolo the Jester


      Nicolo opens the show by juggling three harmonically tuned bells, as the “town crier”.

      He introduces some poetry vocabulary words such as rhythm, rhyme, meter, stanza, and metaphor. He also introduces the vocabulary word of “tolerance. Nicolo then performs his “tolerance word juggling” poem, juggling four balls while the audience helps clap the rhythm. The audience helps Nicolo recite the chorus to his “Look in a Book” poem The students learn the poem using the “mnemonic device” of hand gesturing.Nicolo closes the show with a poem set to juggling: “My Whole World Grows”, where students recite the chorus to the poem, and Nicolo celebrates his love of reading and stresses the importance of perseverance. Students participate throughout!

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      Curriculum Connections

      The program ties into poetry, music, and physical education. Nicolo also emphasizes character, curiosity, civility, kindness, generosity, and perseverance.

      This program is offered as:

      • workshop
      • assembly
      • virtual
    • Booking Details

      Program Costs:

      In person:
      Single 45-minute performance: $475.00
      Back-to-Back performances: $600-
      45 minute juggling workshop in conjunction with performance: $125
      Maryland State Arts Council AIE funding available.

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    Nick Newlin
    [email protected]
    (301) 888-1281
    State / County:
    MD, PG County

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