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Nicolo Whimsey

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    • Nicolo the Jester (solo show)


      Virtual Program offering Nicolo Whimsey 2020
      NicoloWhimsey is celebrating 34 years of educational performances for students, combining juggling with poetry, storytelling, music, pantomime, comedy, character acting and audience participation, with themes of literacy and tolerance.

      Nicolo can bring his inspiring show to you virtually, offering a 40 minute virtual performance and a 60-minute performance that includes a workshop in basic juggling with scarves and balls

      Nicolo weaves awe-inspiring and hilarious juggling stories and poems with themes of literacy, tolerance, generosity, curiosity, and perseverance into a spellbinding and inspiring show that encourages students to read, write and use words, movement and music to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Poems include “Wild About Reading”, “Look in a Book”, and “My Whole World Grows.” There is a question and answer period after the show. The show is appropriate for pre-K through 6th grades, and there is no maximum audience size.

      By captivating the children's attention and sense of wonder, Nicolo shares his belief in tolerance with his original poem "The Art of Juggling Peace". Nicolo's "Story of Yimmee Gimme" encourages the enduring values of kindness and generosity, and he emphasizes perseverance at every step as the audience urges him to "Try again, Nicolo" every time he drops an object.

      By the end of the show, the students have memorized the chorus to his poem extolling the joys of reading "Look in a Book"

      "Not on my iPad
      And not on my Xbox
      Maybe I'll look in a book!
      May-be I'll look in a book!"

      NicoloWhimsey also offers workshops in juggling, comedy, balancing, plate spinning and performance skills. Appropriate grade levels are grades 3 and up. Maximum workshop size is 30 students.

      Nick Newlin has a BA from Harvard University, and an MA in Theatre from The University of Maryland.
      Nick has also written a book series The 30-Minute Shakespeare, based on his 20 years as a teaching artist with the Folger Shakespeare Library.
      The show is appropriate for Pre-K through 8th grades.
      Technical Requirements: Very Flexible. Stage is preferred.

      Updated Virtual Fees: Nicolo the Jester: 1 40-minute virtual performance: $300-. 1 60-minute virtual performance with 20-minute juggling lesson (30 students or fewer.)

      MSAC AiE Funds available? Yes.

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      This program can be completed virtually:

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