Marc Spiegel’s Einstein Alive!

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    Marc Spiegel dramatically performs his original work in verse, song, and narrative prose. He has portrayed Albert Einstein in his original "Einstein Alive!" at schools, libraries from the Arctic Ocean to the Everglades. Einstein talks about his life and the "adventures" in his mind. Using humor, song, narrative prose and physical demonstrations, Einstein vividly describes how Physics (with a ph not an f) studies matter & energy, what a theory is and what "relative" means.

    While Einstein Alive! may again be available for Assembly performances, at the present time only virtual performances will be offered.


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    • assembly
    • virtual
    • Einstein Alive!


      Marc vividly brings Einstein to life, talking about his fame, his difficulties in school, and the “adventures” in his mind. Using humor, song, and audience participation Einstein demonstrates how “strange” motion is and what the terms “relative” and “frame of reference” means. “Einstein Alive!” is presented in age-appropriate programs K to adult.

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      Curriculum Connections

      Students in 4th grade and older are introduced to the Special Theory of Relativity
      Study guides are available

      This program is offered as:

      • assembly
      • virtual
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  • Name or Art Agency:
    Marc Spiegel
    [email protected]
    (202) 486-4641
    State / County:
    Washington DC

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