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    Lisa Mathews’ music career started in front of a big mirror in the basement of her house in Queens, New York. She learned all the songs in The Sound of Music, danced and lip-synced to Prince’s “Little Red Corvette,” played Fleetwood Mac on her Fender Rhodes. A native New Yorker, she headed down to Baltimore in 1987 to sing in an alt-rock band called Beyond Words. That band morphed into Love Riot in 1994, and the band release three amazing alt-Americana albums and appeared as themselves on the NBC-TV hit Homicide - Life On the Streets. In 2000, Lisa became a mom and shifted focus to babies and younger audiences with Milkshake. Milkshake has been featured on PBS KIDS, Nick Jr., and Discovery Kids and recorded five award-winning albums for kids, including 2010's Grammy-nominated Great Day CD. Nowadays, Lisa keeps busy doing voiceovers, hosting Young At Heart on 89.7 WTMD, playing with Milkshake and working as a Wolf Trap-trained teaching artist in Maryland, Virginia and DC schools.


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    • residency
    • virtual
    • Wolf Trap residency


      This residency is based on the Wolf Trap Early Learning Institute's method. Although the class enjoys the artist and everything we do, the artist is there for the teacher, sharing arts strategies based on the curriculum to enhance learning for everyone. The artist and teacher choose a book to use as an anchor to explore music and the ideas within the book, along with language, math, and engineering.

      Appropriate Grade Levels:

      Curriculum Connections

      MU: Cr1.1.Ka With guidance, explore and experience music concepts (such as beat and melodic contour).
      TH:Cr1:K With prompting and support, invent and inhabit an imaginary elsewhere in dramatic play or a guided dramatic experience.

      This program is offered as:

      • residency
      • virtual
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      Additional Notes:

      Both five-day and 16 session residencies are available.

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    Young Audiences Arts For Learning, Maryland
    [email protected]
    (410) 231-3497
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