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    John R Iampieri, a visual artist remembers the magic of Screen Painting in Baltimore when growing up as a child. Today the artist uses the techniques of the original screen painters to create hand-painted screens on windows, doors, entire porches, and framed wall pieces. He ships his artwork worldwide.

    Connecting this 108 year old art form in the classroom enables children of all ages the opportunity to learn the history, tools, and techniques to create their own individual framed screen to keep.

    Incorporating the common core school curriculum into a residency for the week is filled with the fundamentals of creative design while seeing the collaboration of teachers and artists unfold as the students were capable than they imagined.


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    • residency
    • The Art of Screen Painting


      Screen painting is a unique and traditional folk art that started in Baltimore back in 1913. In this screen painting residency, students learn the history, techniques, tools, and functionality of the art form. This residency is custom designed to meet your school's needs and budget. Students can make individual “mini-screens” or a large-scale mural to be installed at the school. Screen painting images can be created from observation, memory or imagination and is a perfect medium to connect to content in the classroom curriculum.

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      Sample Common Core connection:
      3.MD.C.6 Geometric Measurement: Understand concepts of area and relate area to multiplication and to addition.

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      • residency
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      As a roster member with Young Audiences of Maryland, any and all info required is available upon request.

      (NOTE) The Artist does provide all materials needed to successfully contribute to an outstanding residency.

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    Young Audiences Arts For Learning, Maryland
    [email protected]
    (410) 837-7577
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