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Happy Theater

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    • Alphabetisimo!


      Teaser or the show:

      The prerecorded show is 20 minutes.
      Educational Interactive Shadow Theater Show and Workshop
      Created and performed by Natasha Mirny (

      • Age 3-7 (classroom or family experience)
      • Where do words and letters go, after we say them, do you know? When it’s dark and we all sleep at night, the words dance and play in my House of Light!
      This is the story of a secret House of Light, where Letters and Words live, play and create stories. Shadow letters turn into shadow characters, shadow characters come out of a shadow house and turn into flat puppets. What do we do, if A -angel falls asleep and its W-wings fly away? A-angel and B-boy and we all will go on a journey to find the wings. And of course we will find them, and in the end tired and happy Letters will return home and… fall asleep: Z-Z-Z-Z
      • The online pre-recorded show is 20 minutes long

      This is an experience that teachers and parents can continue in the classroom or at home to enhance reading skills and create meaningful and engaging story time for children and the whole family. This program also introduces shadow puppets as an accessible recourses for beginner English language learners. The program has elements of STEM for young audiences - while practicing shadow theater they discover how light travels and what are the ways to create different sizes of shadows

      Grade Levels: PK, K, 1st, 2nd

      Curriculum Connections

      Literacy, problem solving skills, shadows and silhouettes, spatial awareness, developing range of motions in joints

      This program can be completed virtually:

    • Dancing with Miss Maple


      5 sessions residency (can be longer if needed)
      Dancing with Miss Maple
      Based on the book Miss Maple’s Seeds:

      The sessions will introduce important dance and movement elements and enhance math and reading skills and problem solving skills through engaging storytelling techniques.
      Children will learn to create their own choreography using basic dance elements, will practice keeping steady beat to enhance reading and math skills, will learn about different seeds and the tree lifecycle, will practice counting, subitizing, recognizing ab and abc patterns.

      Grade Levels: PreK, K

      Curriculum Connections

      Literacy, math, science (seeds, planting, tree lifecycle), social emotional content, problem solving skills, main dance elements, increasing range of motions and personal and general space awareness

      This program can be completed virtually:



      Using storytelling tools to enhance learning both online and in the classroom.
      Children love stories! They learn best through stories. This interactive workshop lead by teaching artist Natasha Mirny will cover important tools that will help you become a better storyteller and engage your students in a creative and educational story time.

      Grade Levels: PreK, K, 1st grade

      Curriculum Connections

      We will go over some new creative ideas of how we can keep students engaged and concentrated during online learning. We will demonstrate how to incorporate chants, steady beat, simple props, movement and even the online screen frame into the reading of any book. We will cover some simple but highly effective storytelling techniques that will allow you to easily incorporate math and science into your story time with children.

      This program can be completed virtually:

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