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Elaine Muray/Kinetic Storyteller

  • Category:
    • Theater

    Type of Programs Offered

    • residency
    • auditorium
    • virtual
    • Virtual Performance Offering


      Offering three online programming choices:
      Live via Zoom or Facebook Live
      Pre-recorded (with access to Vimeo links for limited time)
      Hybrid--Recommended. Combines prerecorded videos, thus eliminating any unanticipated environmental interruptions with live artist instruction and interaction.

      For an example, of what recordings could like, please view promo video at (copy and paste link into url):

      Curriculum Connections

      Elaine will provide, upon request, study guides to accompany story choices. Elaine will consult with the client as to desired program offering including cross-cultural and character development programming.
      Will meet curriculum standards for Language Arts.

      This program can be completed virtually:

    • Virtual Residency


      Customized residency choices include:

      1)Youth in Storytelling--depending on age, time, budget, and objectives, Elaine will develop a customized residency in storytelling. Minimum of 6 weeks, 2 hours per week recommended.
      2) You Got to Move It! Move It!--residency that will assist students in creating engaging performances and presentations using gesture and movement. Minimum of 6 weeks, 2 hours per week recommended.
      3) Storytelling for Educators--a 3-4 hour workshop that will enable teaching professionals in developing and leading storytelling troupes from story selection to performance.

      Curriculum Connections

      Will meet curriculum standards for language arts and theater, depending on selection and age group.

      This program can be completed virtually:

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    Elaine Muray

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