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    Barry Louis Polisar is an author, songwriter, poet, and story-teller for children who also writes songs and books for adults. He performs his songs on two different Grammy Award-winning albums and sings his song "All I Want is You" in the opening credits of the Academy Award winning movie Juno.

    Barry’s songs are featured in television shows, feature films, and dozens of TV ads throughout the world. His books and poems have been translated into other languages and his songs have been recorded and performed by singers and musicians internationally. He has written songs for Sesame Street and The Weekly Reader and starred in a television show for children that won two Emmy awards.

    A five time Parents’ Choice Award winner, Barry is a pioneer in the world of music for children. He has performed at The White House, The Smithsonian, and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He was given a Special Library Recognition Award for his “ability to communicate with and excite children to read


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    • Barry Louis Polisar: Songs, Stories, Poetry and books


      Barry sings his song "All I Want is You" in the opening credits of the Academy Award winning film "Juno" and his songs are featured in other movies, television shows and TV commercials throughout the world.

      Barry has performed at The White House, The Smithsonian and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and presents concerts and author visits in schools from Washington DC to Fairbanks, Alaska--but he lives in Maryland!

      Barry can provide grade level presentations or back-to-back sessions for combined grades. He will inspire your students, teachers and parents with his entertaining stories, witty poems, funny songs and engaging books. He is the rare author who can vary his program to accommodate different grade levels and his presentations are equally appealing to younger and older students.

      In addition to his AIE grant funding, you can help finance the cost of his visit by sponsoring an author autographing. Your school will receive a percentage of all proceeds from the book and music sales generated by his visit.

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      K-5, 6-8, 9-12

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      • residency
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      • assembly
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      Please see Program information section on Barry's website and contact Barry for additional information and rates.

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