The MFA’s Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

One of the ACAAC’s grantee organizations, The MFA, is dedicated to providing living artists with a platform to exhibit their work. Over the course of the next several months the MFA will be bringing forth a number of exhibitions at the Circle Gallery in Annapolis, online, and in alternative local spaces. The group is currently showing a couple of exhibitions including “Flora and Fauna” on display until July 31st at the Annapolis Maritime Museum. The shared characteristic of the exhibition’s selected 2-D works is that all works depict the “broad range of animal and plant life.” “Fiber Options” is the group’s second exhibition, currently on display at the MFA’s Circle Gallery. This unique exhibition contains 2-D and 3-D works created with a fiber medium.
The MFA is also working on bringing several exhibitions both to the area and online. “Global Landscapes” is an online exhibition beginning August 10th and running until September 21st and features 2-D landscape imagery from artists across the world. The next exhibition coming to the Circle Gallery after “Fiber Options” is “American Landscapes.” The exhibition includes 2-D and 3-D works depicting landscapes from North America, South America, Central America, Hawaii and the Caribbean. These works will be on display from August 12th until September 10th. The “Water Works” exhibition is on display at the Annapolis Maritime Museum from September 22nd until October 30th and features 2-D works where water “is the primary force, object, or consequence.”
Finally, the MFA are supporting two upcoming exhibitions that are still currently open to applicants eager to have their work exhibited to the public. The first of these exhibitions is “Strokes of Genius.” Entry is currently open for artists to submit original 2-D works created in any painting medium to this 5th annual all-painting competition. The selected works will be on display from October 28th to November 26th at the Circle Gallery. The second upcoming exhibition currently still open for entry is “Small Wonders.” Artists are invited to submit 2-D works 11” or smaller, or 3-D works 7” or smaller for a chance to have their works on display at the Circle Gallery from December 2nd to the 23rd later this year. For more information on the MFA’s current and upcoming exhibitions see the MFA’s website at