for their legacy and their teachers

Arts in Education Highlight Local Students’ Talent

Each year the Arts in Education (AiE) Program brings together teaching artists from around the country to students in Anne Arundel County. Artists are able to share their craft with students and show the practical applications they can have.

Students are exposed to poetry, various forms of dance from ballet to grass roots folk dances from several different cultures, painting and many more forms of expression. Math is made fun through magic with Brian Curry Assemblies; Mary Ann Jung brings historic figures right into the classroom through her many History Alive! acts; Yvette Lewis has you singing opera in a language you have never spoken before; and Gayle Mangan Kassal works with students and shows them that many hands can create a wonderfully cohesive expression of togetherness.

Pictured below is the finished product of the mural project at Tracy’s Elementary School.

Photos courtesy of Gayle Mangan Kassal.   Visit her website to see more of her work.

Completed in time for their graduation, the graduating 5th grade class of 2016 of Tracy’s Elementary has left a permanent mark to share with future students and faculty.

“We had a terrific time and it really brightens the gray retaining wall with a friendly student touch, hand prints included!”- GM Kassal

Poet Natalie Lobe has been working with St. Martins in the Field Episcopal School for many years now. This year she brought the poetry to Emily Dickinson to inspire the students. The students were also inspired by the personal journey of one of their teachers. Below is a poem entitled “Ode to Hope,” written by 6th grader Scott Allen, written for teacher Cindy Barry.

Ode to Hope

You’re a light in the darkness.
You give belief when there is none.
You are strong like a rhino.
You persevere through the worst weather.
You look perfect.
You’re sweet as a peach.
You fight the hardest war,
But always get through
With inquisitive thoughts
And the heart of a warrior.

Scott Allen, 6th grade, St. Martin’s-in-the-Field Episcopal School, Severna Park, MD, under the teaching of Natalie Lobe, poet-in-residence, sponsored by the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County.

These are only two of the fantastic projects that students were able to work on this year due in part to funding awarded to schools by the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County.

We look forward to seeing what this year’s Arts in Education Program will bring to the students, teachers and artists of Anne Arundel County.