About Arts Council

About Arts Council of Anne Arundel County

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County, Inc. is to encourage and invest in the visual arts, performing arts, and historic preservation for the people of our county.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County is to be the premier resource of the cultural arts community. Through our leadership in advocacy, funding, programming and promotions, the Council shall help to create a vibrant cultural arts community that enriches the quality of life for every county resident.


April Nyman, Executive Director, april.nyman@acaac.org
Brenda Collins, Senior Program Manager, brenda.collins@acaac.org
Wendy Saulters, Program Manager, wendy.saulters@acaac.org

Board Members

Marnie Kagan – President
Robert Haywood – Vice President
Victor A. Sulin – Treasurer, Councilman Jones’ Appointee
Esther Parker – Secretary
Patrick Lee, Jr. – Past President
Jeremy Allen, Sr.
Megan Barroll
Martha Blaxall
Anne Bolduc
Barbara Dwyer Brown
Richard Carpenter
Richard D’Amato
Sydney Lamb
Elizabeth Leight
Kara Martinez
Danny Mays
Janice Page
Roberta Pardo
Scotti Preston, Councilman Trumbauer’s Appointee
Mike N. Russo, Jr.
Wilford W. Scott, Mayor Cohen’s Appointee
Amy Snyder
Carole Summers